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Aspires to the streets to Bandung ? Do not worry the city is very easy to find. Bandung is a four metropolitan cities in Indonesia . Jakarta as the capital city of the republic of Indonesia is meropolitan first , later followed by Surabaya and Medan .

Bandung is the capital of West Java . If you would like to visit it best to use aircraft . Sastranegara Husen Airport serves flights within the country and abroad . It is an international airport in the city of Bandung .

Bandung is located in the northern part of West Java . Contours of the land is located on a plateau so -called "Bandung diriung my mountain" which means " Bandung surrounded by mountains " .

Bandung West Java
Bandung Paris van Java

Many tourist attractions pavorit in Bandung . All parts of the city should not be missed to discover. You can see the culture and civilization of Bandung from the past and present . Tour history by exploring places that become historical sites will make you amazed admiration.

As the metropolitan department then Bandung has an interesting impression . Tours of the city and its traditional equivalent.

In the town itself is not free from a touch of ancient architectural style will be retained . Examples like this are Jalan Braga , Asia Africa , Gedung Sate and many others .

Cooler northern part presents the beauty of its own . Climate and cool air will make you very relaxed here . Landscapes always fresh with a fragrant scent of the flowers always adorn the days during the holidays in this city .

in addition to a tour of history and a business trip , in Bandung you can also shop your heart's content . Many shopping areas that you must visit . Factory - factory outlets in Bandung is the best in its class . Not wrong when duo called Paris van Java . Bandung is the city of fashion in Indonesia and is the center. As well as the Paris which became a model of the world.

Ok . Do not forget to taste your favorite food menus in the city of Badung as Peuyeum Bandung , Bajigur , Bandrek , Tutug Opaque , Tutug Oncom , and many others .

You can also visit places of artistic and cultural performances Indonesia . One of these performances Angklung art performances .

Then you just choose traveled in Bandung or go around to other areas in Bandung . It is recommended that you explore the western , northern , and southern Bandung .

Western part of the must-visit tourist attractions in Cimahi . While in the south you have to settle for visiting Ciwidey , there is no White Crater , Situ and others .

In the northern part of course also do you miss . The cool air is almost the same as the southern part of the contour of the land that is also almost the same . Here there Cihampelas shopping area then there Maras and Ciater .

Regarding the accommodation you do not worry because all the corners of Bandung has been equipped with budget hotels and cheap lodgings .

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